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Hire lighting towers for events

Organising a successful event can be challenging. To ensure its success, attention must be paid to all the details, one of which is the lighting. When it comes to evening events, hiring lighting tower equipment offers numerous advantages and can be an excellent option for those organising them. The world of lighting for events is so vast and varied that it is almost impossible not to satisfy someone.

Lighting tower for events Italtower

Five reasons to hire light towers:

  1. Hire lighting towers to save money

  2. Support during hire

  3. Counselling service

  4. Zero maintenance costs

  5. State-of-the-art products

1. Hire lighting towers to save money

The first reason is savings: renting light towers for an event saves money. The economic factor should never be the first option when we are faced with a choice, but in this case it is one of the factors that must be taken into account. Indeed, buying all the necessary equipment is not only a lengthy process, but also very expensive. The initial economic impact is therefore significant, especially if we are talking about large equipment such as lighting towers. When will the costs be amortised?

Both for organizing a large event and for a few participants, the best solution is rental. A practical, quick and convenient solution that allows you to get the equipment you need without having to buy it.

The rental avoids having a park of unused lighting towers and therefore to have them only when needed, for a one-time use.

The machines are immediately available and ready for use, allowing each customer to use them from the signing of the contract.

Italtower with the hire of the headlight towers has a high quality spare parts service, ensuring immediate availability in order to minimize downtime for the renter

2. The support during the hire

The support is essential, the possibility of always having the rental company that provides information, immediate assistance or instructions on how to manage the equipment or machinery in complete safety, is a service not to be underestimated.

When you choose the lighthouse tower rental for the lighting of an event, the support of qualified professionals is often included or otherwise is proposed. The support staff, in addition to indicating the appropriate machines, also offer assistance during the technical set-up, taking away the responsibility of the customer to install the rented goods. This is why in addition to saving money, you also save time.

Most of the equipment rental companies offer a complete service that includes both technical support and the assembly and disassembly of the equipment with assistance even throughout the event.

Italtower, thanks to its decades of experience in this sector, is the main supplier of the major Italian rental companies and the European market. The wide range of lighthing towers available allows to Sales Team to find the perfect solution for the renter, fully satisfying the needs of the end user. The flexibility that defines and distinguishes the company, allows to adapt non-standard solutions to those that are the needs of the market.

3. Advice service: supply of suitable lighting towers for every event

Those who provide equipment rental such as lighting towers, always recommend to their customers the most suitable models depending on the type of event, the objectives and the environment in which it will be set up.

Choosing the right lighting for events is not as easy as it may seem. On the contrary, it is advisable to carefully select the various lighting fixtures, based on different factors. The details to evaluate are many, but they will be easier to choose if there are those who recommend the right lighthouse tower.

Italtower provides constant support to all rental customers thanks to training on the latest technologies and models available on the market.

Analyzing the environment is fundamental, in fact in some cases a light with different optics or lumens may be necessary. Depending on the type of event and the size of the environment, plug-in, diesel or low emission light towers may be preferred. You can also better decide how many lighting elements to use, but also how and where to place them.

4. Zero costs for the maintenance

All machines are subject to periodic maintenance for this reason the customer has no obligation to perform any other operation during the rental period. In case of failure or malfunction, the company itself intervenes, which provides support, with replacement or maintenance to the equipment so that the customer can always have the product working.

At the end of each rental, Italtower performs a check of the general functions to offer the next customer the same performance of the lighthouse tower.

5. State-of-the-art products

The green aspect, respect for the environment has always been a very important side in research and development. In recent years, in fact, companies have made room to the design of low-emission light towers, or lighting towers without engines state-of-the-art. But not only that, also the choice of lights have taken a step forward.

Nowadays, the solution not to be underestimated can be summed up in a few words: LED lights. The technology offers ideal event lighting in every respect: reliable, quality, inexpensive in terms of electricity and durable. Choosing LEDs means offering the guests and participants of the event adequate lighting. When using these LED headlights there is less risk of overload and you can find suitable solutions for both outdoor and indoor.

Italtower offers a range Hire lighting towers for events of latest generation. Research and development have always been the priority: the importance of looking to the future, to always offer technologically advanced products and at the same time convenient for the customer in terms of efficiency and eco-sustainability. Italtower offers solar, hybrid, plug-in light towers but at the same time powered by stage V engines. Stage V aims to further reduce emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx) of diesel engines.

Italtower: hire lighting towers for events

When organising an event, lighting plays a very important role. Motorised, plug-in or low-emission lighting towers can all be suitable for creating the right atmosphere, but which one is best?

Italtower recommends the Orus lighting tower, the Plug-in model, or the motorised model, Mantis, or even the solar model, the Street Solar lighting tower. All with different but at the same time versatile features for every kind of event.

ORUS, plug-in light tower ideal for rental due to its compact size.

It is a plug-in lighting tower with compact dimensions (120x80 cm), easy to transport thanks to the intuitive forklift rails and lifting hooks. It is one of the stationary models Italtower offers, therefore without wheels, which is an additional safety feature during an event. The mast is manual and locks with a safety pin that avoids the unexpected fall of the mast itself.

A total area of 5000 square metres can be illuminated thanks to a total height of 9 m and a floodlight head consisting of 4 LED.

Orus, motorised lighting  tower - Italtower

Hiring several lighting towers of this type allows the end user to save in terms of consumption, as they can be connected together using 'daisy chain' technology.

The lighting of the lights is automated by the dask and down sensor, the tower can however be used in both manual and automatic ways.

MANTIS, motorised light tower ideal for civil defence, operating during exhibitions/events.

Lighting tower with liquid- or air-cooled diesel generator, easy to move thanks to its road-approved trolley UE e extra UE.

Mantis, motorized lighting tower - Italtower

The Mantis motorised light tower is compact, lightweight and easy to use. It takes its place on the podium in the rental market with very positive feedback. All the optional extras in its range are already included as standard: three opening doors for quick inspection and maintenance, automatic start & stop, containment basin and group grid selector.

STREET SOLAR, lighting tower with no noise and pollution.

Totally independent and silent solar lighting tower. Excellent for events where car parks or evacuation zones need to be illuminated for better safety.

Street solar, low emission lighting tower - Italtower

The solar panel and the 6000 lumen lighting system make the product very compact, easy to install and maintenance-free.

The lithium battery pack guarantees up to 10 days of autonomy even in conditions of low solar illumination.