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Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)
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Italtower offers a minimum warranty of 1 year on each product which can be extended up to 24 months in total. After a brief report of the malfunction of the component Italtower will replace the same in a short time, our service departments are constantly at the disposal of our customers. Italtower has an international distribution network with trained companies able to provide excellent service to the end customer.


Components & Spare Parts

Immediate availability at our spare parts warehouse.
Availability within 24 hours to organize any parts shipments to our dealers thanks to our extensive and efficient logistics network.

The advantages:

  • Certified reliability of the original component range, totally managed by Italtower and with the collaboration of our selected supplier partners

  • Controlled processes thanks to strict production and supply standards for all components

  • Lower total cost of ownership and higher residual value in stock

  • Service and experience thanks to a technical staff that knows the products down to the smallest detail

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