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Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)
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About Us

Professional Lighting


Italtower Light Towers are designed to be long-lasting. The main objective for the company is the satisfaction of the various needs of end users through an offer of high quality and reliable products. Italtower invests in R&D by entrusting the development of new models to a competent team in order to research ever more efficient, innovative and quality products.


Italtower has always been investing in R&D to offer innovative products, technologically advanced and affordable for everyone. With a great experience behind, Italtower is a company that always knows how to innovate: the numerous certifications of the Light Towers production prove it.


Our range perfectly matches the Made in Italy philosophy: all our products are manufactured in our factories with components from leading Italian and European brands. The quality of our products is proven by CE, CSA/UL, EAC, SASO certifications.





Technology and Innovation

Product innovation passes through the use of technologies and materials that guarantees reliability and durability.

Our products are constantly improved, always keeping up to date with the latest technologies and market trends.

Every detail is scrupulously researched to obtain a unique product of its kind, which includes technological know-how, reliability, simplicity of use, safety and originality.


Attention to detail, product innovation and the highest quality standards enable us to produce thousands of products exported worldwide. Our products are designed and processed down to the smallest detail in our production facilities in Padua. We are able to offer customized solutions tailored to the customer's needs thanks to the experience of our staff and maintaining the high quality standards that have always set us apart. Professionalism, short delivery times and efficient after-sales service are our key to success.





Made in Italy

Creativity, design and Italian style form the basis of Italtower's products, an internationally renowned Made In Italy brand. 

The main objective of our design studio is the result, designed with the client's needs and looking to the future without neglecting the past.

The design of our models adapts perfectly to any type of application, taking care to maintain the product's functionality and strengths.



In-house production

One of our strengths is our in-house production. Thanks to our qualified team, we are able to meet all our customers' needs. 

Furthermore, the advantage of producing all components in-house allows us to customize the different products according to the needs and requirements of the consumer. Find out more in the section How We Do It.


Lighting towers

We have a lighting tower for all your needs.

Our lighting towers are designed for any application: to bring light to any place and at any time. Our models are ideal in the following fields of application: construction sites, events and shows, industrial applications, road works and construction sites, civil protection, rentals. Our range is very diversified, you can find solutions for any use and with different technical characteristics to satisfy the customer.


We have all the right equipment for your needs. Our light towers are equipped with all the options you need to work easily, safely and quickly.

Do not hesitate to ask our sales department for more information, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The idea of a new project


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Building on twenty years of experience in the mechanical and electronic sectors, in 2011 Michele Borgato founded Elentek, a manufacturer of electrical panels. At the same time, he came up with the idea of designing lighting towers, which were soon marketed under the Italtower brand.


The birth of Italtower

Given the success of the Italtower brand, the opportunity to establish an independent company was seized in 2015. As a brand of Elentek, therefore, Italtower took on an identity of its own, which resulted in the creation of a close-knit, constantly growing team. Following the development of the first Fenix light tower, a model particularly appreciated by the Middle East market for its versatility and reliability, the range is being expanded. In order to respond to the multiple demands of the market, Italtower develops new models specifically for the construction, mining, oil and gas sectors.


Our innovation


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With the arrival of 2019, Italtower team launches its first battery-powered light tower onto the market. A great innovation from a technological and environmental point of view, in fact the absence of a motor guarantees zero consumption and zero C02 and acoustic emissions.

The development of new products is always evolving due to the demands of our customers all over the world, boasting a range of more than 20 products to date.


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With the arrival of 2022, the Italtower team continues to develop its range of environmentally friendly light towers, which includes solar-powered, battery-powered and hybrid models.The final aim is to develop an entirely sustainable catalogue by 2025.

Growing production needs led Italtower to open a new 5,000 sqm factory and expand its team.






Italtower's strength is its team

Highly qualified and motivated people who, thanks to teamwork, succeed in completing each new project.

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  Michele Borgato  


Founder, great knowledge of the sector thanks to many years of experience. Always ready for new challenges.

Sales Office

Luca Michelon

Sales office

Sara Spadoni

Sales office

Luca Mercanzin

Sales office

Purchasing Office
Mauro Bertin 

Purchasing office

Francesca Eberrini

Purchasing office

Marco Padoan

Purchasing office

Technical Office
Mario Pittoni 

Technical office

Ivan Contarin

Technical office

Administrative Office
Lorna Borgato 

Administrative office

Arianna Rossi 

Administrative office


Ethical Values.

Italtower Srl defines and communicates its ethical principles of behavior, both to internal staff and to all its collaborators and external partners through the Ethical Code, which has been approved by the Board of Directors

Italtower Ethics Code

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