Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)


Italtower production is constantly looking for product improvement. Find out how we work. 

Our company


ITALTOWER srl, specialized in the production of light towers, is located in the North East of Italy in Padua, well placed to the greater logistic centre of the area.

Today we are counting on an organized structure, in continuous expansion and with a strong drive for growth, aware of its in-depth knowledge and experience.


ITALTOWER faces the European and international market with a wide range of light towers in constant evolution.

Okapi Battery light tower


Light Towers


Italtower introduces its range of battery light towers. The low environmental impact and long autonomy make them competitive with all the others.


Gen-set powered

Light Towers


Italtower has a wide range of gen-set powered light towers, both approved for road traffic and stationary,  totally stand-alone

Towerloop light tower without engine

Light Towers without engine


Italtower offers different solutions for those who already have an electricity network or a generator. Connectable in series, maintenance free and flexible are just some of the features.

Worksite LED - lighting suitable for your site




Italtower Worksite LED floodlights are for both outdoor and indoor use.
The entire offer is selected to solve problems relating to
temporary lighting in small construction sites.