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Transportability of Lighting Towers

Updated: May 16, 2023


Italtower lighting towers are easily transportable not only thanks to their own wheels, but also easy to transport in shipping. The transportation is fast and safe thanks to the belts used to hold them down and the plastic film used to wrap the products. About the transport it can be arranged by us, or if it is preferred, by the customer himself. All the agreements are made before the order confirmation, so as not to leave important decisions pending. We rely on our trustable forwarders to ship to distant countries or for more particular transports.

Homologated road trolley

Some of our mobile lighting towers have the trolley approved for being carried on roads all over Europe, properly registered and with all the accessories. The road tow is required in many occasions and useful in order to move the light tower from a place to another.


Our lighting towers have been transported all over the world. From neighbouring European countries such as Spain, Germany, Ukraine, England, Norway, Sweden and so on, to the far away countries as Canada and Australia.


Lighting towers can be shipped in different ways. Italy and Europe can be supplied by truck given their proximity. Instead, when we have to send our products via sea, we use containers. To facilitate loading into truck or containers, some of our Light towers have forklift hole or pallet truck hole. Moreover, air freight also happens, but just for a few pieces. For this type of shipment, it is sometimes necessary to disassemble the light tower in order to optimize dimensions and make transport easier. Similarly, due to space issues our lighting towers are disassembled to reduce spaces and make an easier storage. With us all mobile light towers arrive at their destination safe and sound because the shipments are reliable and efficient thanks to our co-operators.


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