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Lighting tower for Civil defence



Mantis 4x320W Led is the most compact and lightest road-approved lighting tower in the whole range. It is equipped with a trailer approved for road circulation in the EU and thanks to its small size, it is a compact light tower that is easy to position and move.


Grid-engine selector

Thanks to the grid/group selector switch, the Mantis lighting tower can be powered from either the external grid or the integrated generator. This allows you to be able to choose the power mode according to your need and power availability.



The equipment of the dusk to down sensor allows the light tower to notice the absence of light and activate automatically. Vice versa, it switches off when it senses light. Innovative feature that saves consumption.

Why choose  Italtower 

Italtower Srl is a structured company, in continuous expansion and with a strong impetus for growth, aware of its insights know ledge and experiences in the field of lighting. Our staff is able to guide the customer in the best choice for his needs. We offer every year new products respecting the highest environmental standards on the market.

With an eye towards the future, we create new technological solutions in step with the times.

We are committed to providing the maximum assistance on an ongoing basis, ensuring that there is no disruption to our clients' work. The result of our customers is also our result, their satisfaction is our satisfaction.

How lighting tower for Civil defence use must look like

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Illuminated area

Control unit

Mast height

Mast Lifting


Fuel tank

Street Solar


6000 lm

240 sqm


5,5 m






87.680 lm

2400 sq m


5,5 m


4 stabilizers


Mantis generator road-tow trailer light tower high autonomy suitable for construction site, mining, oil and gas extraction, emergency, army, rental - ITALTOWER


Construction site


5000 sq m

Deep Sea 3110

7 m



120 l

Lighting towers for Civil defence

The choice of lighting towers for Civil defence use is preferred with air-powered machines as it has limited ignitions and is intuitive and easy to use, truckable and transportable with small vehicles. Medium-low illuminating power ideal for more limited areas.


At the design stage, in addition to the great importance given to design, the operation of the lighting tower for Civil defence use must be thought of as intuitive and user-friendly. The simplicity of starting and moving the lighting tower means that the product can be operated by anyone.

Control unit Lighting tower for Civil defence | Italtower
Lighting towers for Civil defence  use

High performance

All range of lighting tower for Civil defence use are created thinking to hight light performance and running time.


Tailor made

Our lighting towers can be customized: you can customize a detail, but also change the design (upon consultation of our technicians).
Between the different customizations available, it is possible to paint the lighting tower according to your Company's RAL color, to brand it with your graphics or even ask to design a whole new one! Different aspects of our light towers can be completely customized: find out which ones!

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