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Construction site lighting: the legislation and the lighting tower

Updated: May 16, 2023

The safety on construction site & lighting towers

Three kind of lighting towers

We want to underline how important is the lighting for the safety on construction site, especially if workers had to work longer than daylight hours or if they work in dark environments.

A construction site can be illuminated by different kind of lighting towers:

  • Engine powered lighting towers: high-quality engines, high performance and low consumption;

  • Low emission lighting towers: low Co2 emission, low acoustic emission and consumption;

  • Plug-in lighting towers: connected to a power supply or generator, high performance and saving on fuel

Reasons why you should use our lighting towers in your construction site

Our lighting towers are used to illuminate specific areas, infact, they are always used on construction sites to work safely in every moment of the day specially when the natural light is leaking.

When you use lighting towers, maybe there is the sunset or you are in a dark environment.

Safeguarding the safety and well-being of your workers always comes first. That is why if you want to know the safety regulations required on construction sites, continue reading this article.

Which are the safety standards on your construction site?

The explanation of En 12464-2 Standard

Your construction site must have a safety artificial lighting because the area must have an illuminance not less than 30 lux (Uni En 12464-2 standard).

Uni – En 12464-2 Standard “The illuminance for outdoor workplaces” specifies the risk level related to these parameters:

  • Average maintained illuminance Em;

  • Minimum value of Lighting uniformity U0;

  • Maximum value of General color rendering index GRL;

  • Minimum value of the Glare index in the activity area Ra.

The standard specifies all illuminating requirement for outdoor workplaces that meet visual comfort and performance needs.

So, lighting requirements for visual tasks in terms of quantity and quality are discussed for most outdoor workplaces and related areas. In addition, recommendations for good lighting practice are provided.

Three rental lighting towers that we suggest for your construction site

Low emission lighting tower: Astrid Hybrid

Astrid Hybrid is Italtower low emission lighting tower used for construction site. It has hybrid diesel electric gen-set that guarantee cost saving and low emission of CO2, and in the same time, it doubles the autonomy of the lighting tower. It is a lighting tower with stabilizers and Amoss kit. The tower has 6 led IP65 lights with 50,000 running time hours.

Engine powered lighting tower: Fenix

Fenix is another option that we suggest to you, it is an engine-powered lighting tower that thanks to its stage V engine, it is able to lower consumption by 70%. It illuminates until 5000 sq m area and it has a site-tow trailer approved for extra EEC roads.

Plug-in lighting tower: Towerloop

The last but not the least the Towerloop, a plug-in lighting tower, it is connected with an energy source and it guarantees lighting coverage up to 4300 sq m. Towerloop can be connect up to 6 units in series to the same energy source.

If you want to know other types of lighting towers, you can read the product catalogue on our website . New lighting towers that can be used in different kind of application like: construction site lighting tower, rental lighting tower for events, lighting towers for emergencies (such as: blackouts, earthquakes etc), and mining site lighting towers.


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