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Updated: May 16, 2023

In one of our articles, specifically the article "our production," we talked about the stages of production, among them, that of technical support dedicated to warranties and parts replacements will be the subject of this article.

Causes of the need for spare parts

It is true that our light towers are durable because of the quality products used to build them, but there are several causes that can lead to the demand for new replacement parts. The causes may be: poor maintenance (such as for lighting towers with engine); the failure to take proper precautions when using or transporting the lighting tower, but also the wear on the machine itself. To avoid deterioration of the product, it is important to take care of it and use it according to the right procedures.


As time passes, it is important to pay close attention to the maintenance of lighting towers. Precise maintenance directed toward mechanical and electronic parts is essential because it also allows for prevention against possible failures. But sometimes the moment comes when you need to replace some parts, so it is essential to contact our qualified technical assistance. With regard to prevention, it is fundamental to provide for replacing something that is wrong at the first signs of failure to avoid more serious damages. In fact, we have already mentioned how constant maintenance activities can be really essential to make a long-lasting product.

Among the advantages of Italtower spare parts:

✓ Certified reliability of the original parts range, fully managed by Italtower and with the cooperation of our selected supplier partners.

✓ Controlled processes through strict manufacturing and supply standards for all its components.

✓ Lower total operating cost and higher residual stock value.

✓ Support and experience from a technical staff that knows the products down to the smallest detail.

✓ Ease in inquiry thanks to the light tower exploded view manual.

Spare parts required

In our warehouse we have immediate availability of various spare parts, which can be shipped within 24 hours in the possible need thanks to an extensive and efficient logistics network. Not many spare parts are usually required. Those most subject to wear and tear are:

  • headlights: headlights are the most exposed and most delicate element, after working more than 50,000 hours they need to be changed;

  • engine parts: oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter. These three filters after 3 full tanks, i.e. more than 600 hours of operation, need to be changed;

  • stabilizers: accidental damage can sometimes occur by damaging the stabilizers, which have the specific function of keeping the entire light tower stable. Therefore there is a need to replace them.

These are the items that might be required as spare parts. In any case, it mainly depends on the type of light tower, for example, for those without a motor, there is no need at all to replace the motor parts. In addition, our foreign dealers prefer to stockpile spare parts both to be always ready in case, and because buying directly from us is cheaper than buying abroad.

Reasons why to choose only original spare parts

Having spare parts available at all times provides unequaled security. Having the original spare parts available allows for a guarantee. Here are three reasons why you should choose genuine replacement parts, as our dealers do:

Quality: the quality of the original replacement ensures optimal performance and reliability over time.

Safety: original spare parts are safer because they are designed and manufactured to integrate perfectly with all other mechanical or electronic components of the light tower. They guarantee their function and meet European safety and environmental regulations.

Performance: original parts are those that can generate the best performance, precisely because they integrate precisely with the systems of which they are a part. The performance of your lighting tower will always be top notch.


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