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Our Production

Updated: May 16, 2023

In-house production

One of our strengths is our in-house production. Thanks to our highly qualified team, we are able to meet all the needs of our customers. Moreover, the advantage of producing all the components inside our production departments allows us to customize the various products according to the needs and requirements of the consumer.


It is at this phase that Italtower Staff's design philosophy emerges. Mechanical design is the first stage in the construction of a light tower.


The production phase includes the cutting of the carpentry and of the poles, painting and assembly of these components with the generator that is developed by us.


The final check involves a series of activities necessary to establish the suitability of the product before to launch it on the market. The testing procedure allows to test 100% operation.


The support after the sale is one of the most important phases that Italtower wants to provide: dedicated technical assistance for warranties and spare parts.

Lighting Towers

We have a light tower for any of your needs.

Our light towers are designed for any type of application: to bring light to any place and at any time. Our models are ideal in the following fields of use: construction sites, events and shows, industrial applications, roadwork and construction sites, civil defense, rentals. Our range is very varied, you can find solutions for any use and with different technical characteristics that can satisfy the customer.


We have all the right accessories for your needs. Our lighting towers are equipped with all the options you need to work in a simple, safe and fast way.


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