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Updated: May 16, 2023

POLAR - lighting tower 20 kvA alternator

New proposal

Among this year's proposals, we have developed a new engine lighting tower, in addition to the Mantis we mentioned in the previous article, in order to expand our range and meet customer needs, thus giving a wide choice of products. Thanks to our designers and engineering team, we have created POLAR. Designed for the most demanding customers, for those who need a more powerful light tower, it is one of our most resistant light towers at both high and low temperatures. Remarkably, its power comes from its 20 kvA alternator. POLAR's high performances makes it durable and effective.

Technical data

Let's take a look at its features. The power of the alternator and the 250 litres diesel tank make this light tower model unique in durability and performances. The mast has a maximum extension of 8.5 metres and the four 320 W headlights provide 160,000 lumens of illumination. Among the optional extras included, the Polar mounts a dusk to dawn sensor with auto-start, a battery cut-off, a slow-moving trolley, and a 110% capacity reservoir. Some more technical data: Polar is provided with a Kohler KDI 1903 M engine and the DeepSea L401 MKII control unit which is connected to the DSE890 device for remote control of the vehicle. This lighting tower is also equipped with a load leveler in order to avoid unpleasant wet stacking situations and a quick maintenance system so as to facilitate it. Polar is a complex model, born from the need to manufacture a product with great power and guaranteed effectiveness.


Polar, with its high technical features, is a heavy-duty lighting tower ideal for illuminating sites such as construction sites, oil extraction sites and mines. Nonetheless, it can also be used for events or locations where a powerful machine with excellent illumination is required.

For more information you can download the data sheet.

Download PDF • 782KB


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