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Updated: May 16, 2023

One of Italtower's new proposals this year is the Mantis light tower.

A new lighting tower

This year, one of the many ideas that were already in the minds of Italtower's engineering team during the year 2021 came to life. Among the various projects developed, the Mantis lighting tower was created to extend the range of engine powered machines.

The Mantis was born out of the need to find a machine that was in line with the most common needs but did not exceed in price. With the help of the design engineers and the tests carried out, a motorised, road-approved machine with a manual mast was created, but at an affordable cost. Therefore an affordable light tower even for customers looking for a complete, yet essential product.

Technical Data

Its features include a mast with an extension of up to 7 meters, 4x160 W floodlights with 160,000 lumens, a 120-liter tank, and DeepSea 3110 control unit. In addition, it is approved for road transport, in fact, due to its weight under 750 kg, it can be towed without having an additional license. It is diesel-powered like most other light towers in the engine powered range, providing a range of 218 hours.Its weather and wind resistance is equivalent to the other machines in the range.

The Mantis is equipped with some optional extras, such as Dusk to dawn sensor with Autostart and battery isolator, but, as with all Italtower lighting towers, there is the possibility of customising the machine, should you wish to add other options. In addition, the three stabilisers differ from the usual configuration of four to make the design more dynamic.

Finally, two versions of the new Mantis light tower have been created to give a choice of engine. In fact, the 1500 rpm version offers two engine options: Kohler KDW702 or Yanmar 2TNV70. The 3000 rpm version can accommodate the Kohler 15KD350 engine or the Yanmar L70V engine. Consequently, the 1500 rpm model will have a 3.5 kVA Linz alternator while the 3000 rpm model will have a 4.2 kVA Linz alternator.


The Mantis lighting tower is specifically designed for construction sites, oil extraction sites, events such as concerts, shows, etc. With its essential, yet complete technical features, the Mantis is a functional machine that can be used optimally at different application sites.

For more information you can download the data sheet.

Download PDF • 1.06MB


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