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Updated: May 16, 2023

Energy Saving

Italtower's decision to offer more sustainable products is also reflected in the use of LED lights. These kind of headlights are more sustainable economically and environmentally. The decision to switch from the halide lights previously used to LED floodlights was made in 2018. The reason why is because the LED lights consume less energy than metal halide lights. The LED headlights allows to have substantial energy saving.This change of direction has led not only to an innovation of our products and consequently innovation of our company itself, but also to less environmental pollution with LED Light Towers.

Led headlights

Led headlights do not pollute and does not contain hazardous substances. In particular, the LED contains silicon powder, it does not contain gases harmful to health or toxic substances such as metal halide and sodium vapour. Thanks to the total absence of light pollution: the LED shines but does not saturate the environment. What is absent: emissions of ultraviolet rays that are harmful to humans over long exposures; zero emissions of infrared rays, that are harmful to the eyes on direct exposure. Therefore the low power consumption and long service life with minimal maintenance requirements ensure optimum performance in both economic and environmental terms.

Worksite LED headlights

Italtower Worksite LED headlights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The entire offer is selected to solve the problems temporary lighting on small construction sites. Our Worksite LED headlights are efficient, versatile and handy. In our range we have Worksite LED L, M, S, these floodlights allow to illuminate wide areas outdoor and indoor. The worksite LED L is a high power projector; the worksite LED M is a compact headlight and the worksite LED S is a hand projector. We offer the battery version of all these construction site lights: Worksite LED Battery.

Worksite LED Main Features

  1. Suitable for your site

  2. Long lifetime

  3. Energy efficiency

  4. Assembly & Disassembly

  5. High safety level


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