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Street Solar

Updated: May 16, 2023

Among the new products launched on the market this year you can find our STREET Solar lighting tower. The idea came from the need to meet the demand for more sustainable products, so a product in step with the times, portable and easy to manage was born.

Main features

Let’s find out its features:

The Street Solar emits no CO2 emissions, it is completely silent and it does not consume any fuel, due to the absence of an engine there aren’t engine maintenance costs.

About the floodlights, it has led headlights with 6000 lumen, which are powered by solar panel of 60 W. The light coverage area is of 450 sq m. Therefore, solar energy together with batteries power the led lights.

As regards the battery package, it is a lithium one and it takes 7 hours to recharge.

The lithium battery is of 2.6AH, which guarantees an illumination for all night long. There are different mode of illumination: mode 1 (M1), mode 2 (M2), mode 3 (M3).

Red Indicating Light is M1: dim 30% brightness with the PIR at 100% brightness till dawn. Green Indicating Light is M2: the first 5 hours is at 100% brightness, then the next 5 hours is at 25% dim brightness with PIR 100% brightness, it means that when someone is walking nearby it illuminates at 100%. Finally, after 10 hours it is 70% dim brightness till dawn.

Orange Indicating Light is M3: it is 70% constant brightness till dawn.

Instead, to indicate the battery status there are 3 mode: Green: > 70% Orange: 30% - 70% Red: < 30%. Moreover, this kind of mobile lighting tower is provided of PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor), it means that when someone is walking nearby the lights turn on. The lights will automatically turn on/off as per sunset and sunrise.



Regarding its performance, it lasts more than 10 days during rainy days. In addition, it has an ample power to support most low level site lighting applications all year round with no other power support or back up power required. Another feature is the central lifting eye and front, side and rear fork pockets for a flexible and safe loading and offloading. Finally, the Street Solar lighting tower has a button in order to turn light off when the tower is in transport or storage.



The STREET Solar lighting tower is suitable for low level lighting applications, such as car parks, walkways, steps or stairs. As well, it is ideal for a wide range of applications including construction, industrial, civil works, rental and government projects. If you want to know more about the Street Solar lighting tower, please download its datasheet.

Download PDF • 242KB


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