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Products durability

Updated: May 16, 2023

Have you ever heard about the durability of our products?


Italtower’s products are renowned for their durability. The reason why is because our lighting towers are made of the best quality products. We pay much attention to the quality of the products used for the assembly of our machines. Due to our commitment in what we do, we comply with all the phases of the production in order to produce high quality light towers. As Italians we bring forward the quality of made in Italy to offer a product that not only cares about aesthetics, but it is above all a safe product with excellent functiona

Technology and Innovation

Product innovation goes through the use of technologies and materials that guarantees reliability and durability.

Our products

We offer products constantly improved, always keeping up to date with the latest technologies and market trends. Every detail is scrupulously researched to obtain a unique product of its kind, which includes technological know-how, reliability, simplicity of use, safety and originality.

Our test

Italtower has chosen a complete test procedure to test the 100% performance of the light towers.

The Italtower technical staff carries on the following tests and checks on every machine:

  1. Functional efficiency test.

  2. Proof of effectiveness.

  3. Security check.

These checks make it possible to verify the functioning and performance of the lighting tower be it electric or with an internal generator; during testing with an internal generator the light tower undergoes an electrical load to simulate operation in the most severe condition of the generator.

Therefore, we can affirm that our products’ strengths are: durability, safety and reliability for an excellent performace.


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