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Updated: May 16, 2023

Astrid Mine 6x320W


The Astrid light tower model is among our most effective, most versatile and top selling models. This year we have decided to revolutionize our catalogue with new products and revisits. In fact, Astrid Pro, Astrid Evo and Astrid Mine were born from the classic Astrid model. In this article we will take a closer look at the technical aspects and features of the ASTRID MINE model. The light tower in this case is the most elaborate model in the Astrid series. Equipped with every optional: Equipped with every optional extra: from the homologated height-adjustable road trolley to the tilting headlight, it is a complete model but at the same time customisable like all our products.

Technical data

Let's find out its features: its STAGE V generator is able to lower fuel consumption and consequently lower emissions; the lighting tower includes 6 lights 320W LED illuminating an area of 7800 square meters; in addition, the hydraulic pole can rise up to 8.5 meters and can be easily rotated 350° thanks to two ergonomic handles; as for the mast, thanks to the Safety Kit (Amoss Kit) that inhibits the mast from being raised when the handbrake is not engaged. The Astrid Mine light tower has the option of being able to accommodate either a 3-cylinder Yanmar 3TNM68 engine or a 2-cylinder Kohler KDW702 engine, both diesel-powered.As mentioned above among the options included are: the road-approved trolley with variable height for European and non-European roads; the tilt of the headlights that allows them to be tilted where it is preferable to illuminate; the 110-liter tank is housed inside a containment basin that has the capacity to collect fluids at 110%; In addition, it has the grid/group selector, so it can be powered either from external grid or from the built-in generator. Finally, to increase stability the Astrid Mine lighting tower has 4 stabilizers and a small wheel on the shaft for better maneuverability.


Reliable and safe, Astrid Mine is a versatile model, suitable for any application; in fact, the light tower is suitable for mining sites, construction sites, and other applications where it is necessary to have weatherproof or high-temperature resistant machines. For more information you can download the data sheet.

Download PDF • 813KB


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