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Light tower without engine 

 Urano - light tower without engine with 4x320W Multiled floodlights


  • Vertical light tower without generator

  • Floodlights: 4x320W (standard) or 6x320W (on request)

  • Trolley for generators up to 20 KvA, of every brand

  • 355 ° pole and lights rotation

  • 4 stabilizers adjustable in height and retractable

  • 2 Fork holes for forklift and 4 lifting hooks

  • Painted with epoxy powder for external applications

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Construction site

Easy to transport, the light tower is the ideal solution for night work on construction sites. 
Equipped with EU approved road trailer, it can be towed behind your car or transported on trucks. 
It is indicated both for building sites in remote areas without electricity grid as for city centers where public lighting is not sufficient.


Public events and demonstrations find in Italtower light towers a perfect partner thanks to the great versatility of the entire range.
Lighting of huge areas such as concerts and shows is fully satisfied and so is the need of low noise emissions.


Quick to transport and easy to install in application where immediate intervention is required such as first aid. 
The best solution to simplify operations and maintain high safety standards. Thanks to the 360 ​​° rotation the floodlight
is easily and quickly oriented where needed.


Main features 

Torre faro Urano con gruppo elettrogeno

Use with gen-set

The main feature of this tower is the option to use any brand of generator up to 20 KVA.

All of this thanks to 2 sliding bars that can be adjusted according to the size of the genset, making URANO one of the most flexible light towers in our range.

Stabilizzatori e guide muletto della torre faro Urano

Forklift guides and stabilizers 

Our URANO lighting towers are characterized by 4 adjustable stabilizers, forklift slots and reclining rudder with a wheel to facilitate movement and storage of the tower.

Also included: 2x230V input-output sockets and MCBs are supplied for switching on the headlights.


4x320W LED or 6x320W

Our URANO light towers are equipped with 4 320W LED lights capable of illuminating large spaces: up to 4500mq.

This model also allows a rotation of the telescopic pole and lights by 355 °, ensuring illumination on any surface and leaving the operator complete autonomy for the direction of the light.



Uranus is suitable for applications where the use of large professional generators up to 20KVA is required.

Ideal for companies and industries or large construction sites that need to illuminate large spaces for a long time.


Data sheet


The rear space can accommodate any brand of generators up to 20 kVA. The 7.5 meters high and the 4x320W or 6x320W floodlights ensure a coverage of 4500 m2. Moreover with its 4 stabilizers Urano is safe and balanced in any situation, allowing you to always work at the best conditions. 



Min 2200 mm - Max 3000 mm


Min 1200 mm - Max 2400 mm


Min 2700 mm - Max 7500 mm


340 Kg


Truck 13.5 m -> 9 units

40 feet container -> On request

20 feet container -> On request

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