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Updated: May 16, 2023

Why Civil Defence

Civil Defence is the activity in charge of the protection, the safeguard and the rescue of the civil population in emergency situations. The Civil Defence is always ready to intervene in emergency situations as our light towers are always ready to illuminate where necessary. The duties of the Civil Defence are to predict, prevent and manage at national level disasters and catastrophes. The main goal is to protect the sake of life, the properties, the settlements and the environment from damages and dangers. In order to comply with these tasks they required the help of the light towers.


The Lighting towers are used by the civil defence for different purposes: for weather alert, when the electricity goes off, for example in case of flood emergencies. But also for events, such as concerts and public demonstrations. Quick to transport and easy to install in application where immediate intervention is required such as first aid. Lighting of huge areas is fully satisfied and already several civil protections use our mobile lighting towers and they confirm us the usefulness of the product.

PC750 Lighting tower

Our PC750 is specially designed for Civil Defence; we have created a specific model of light tower to give the best solution to simplify operations and maintain high safety standards. Thanks to the 360 ​​° rotation, the floodlight is easily and quickly oriented where needed. Thanks to the great success throughout Italy, the PC 750 model has become our reference point. This light tower has given in Italy its high performance and maximum reliability in use.

PC750: technical specifications

The strength of this tower makes it ideal for use in areas with extreme weather conditions thanks to its resistance to high and low temperatures, sand and humidity. Among its features such as compactness, it has vertical manual lifting system; floodlights 4x320 W LED; silenced diesel generator (65 dBA @ 7m); tank of 105 liter; fuel level indicator; single axle trailer with suspensions; On-Off switch for each individual light and large lockable doors suitable for maintenance.


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