Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)

Worksite LED
Modern construction site lights

Worksite LED - high power construction site lights

Construction site lighting

A complete lighting kit for all companies from the construction sector.
The products falling into Italtower Worksite LED allow to use them inside and outside buildings, solving all problems related to temporary lighting for construction works, at every stage of their performance.

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Suitable for your site

The wide lighting range (120 °) allows you to illuminate workplaces from short distances. Furthermore, thanks to the special anti-reflective structure of the lens, the view is protected from glare and the dispersion of light is reduced to a minimum.

Long lifetime

The high tightness of the products (IP54) protects the lamps from the ingress of water and dust, even in the event of heavy rain or sanding conditions. 

Our floodlights are resistant to low and high temperatures: from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C

Energy efficiency

The use of high-quality LEDs allows for low energy consumption, as evidenced by the light emission / energy consumption ratio that is always higher than 120 lumens per watt.
Italtower offers products of excellent quality.

Assembly Disassembly

Thanks to the KIT complete with lamp holders and the cable reel on the LEDs, it is possible to connect multiple lamps at the same time. 

Each lamp comes with a 5 meter long power cord.

High level of security

The plastic structure does not allow the LED to overheat, thus avoiding the risk of ignition. 

The products meet all certification requirements, even the most stringent.

Main features


Worksite LED L

High output floodlights

These directional projectors allow you to illuminate very large internal and external area operations.
The anti-reflective lens, despite the surface opacity, transmits up to 95% of the light emitted by the diodes. 
Optionally, the structure can be equipped with a backlight function, that is, a rear lamp that allows you to illuminate the surroundings of the projector during construction work. Each package contains a universal mounting support (plastic strap). Available the battery model which allows to use the projector without the cable and with 3 three different modes to adjust the power and duration of lighting

Worksite LED M

Compact floodlights

Worksite LED M are directional projectors to illuminate the workstation inside and outside the buildings.

These projectors offer exactly the same performance of the Worksite LED L: anti-glare lens function, backlight lamp, universal mounting support and the possibility of adding a battery.

Battery-powered model available which allows you to use the projector without the cable and with three modes to adjust the power of the luminous flux and the duration of illumination.

Worksite LED S


Worksite LED S are compact and lightweight floodlights for illuminating the workplace inside and outside the buildings.
The anti-glare lens, despite the matt surface, transmits up to 93% of light emitted by the diodes.
Worksite LED S also comes in a battery version, which allows you to use the floodlight without a cable, which can be detached from the fitting.

The power and length of illumination with the battery function can be freely adjusted with three available modes.


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