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Light tower without engine

Towerloop - light tower without engine with 4x160W Multiled floodlights


  • Vertical light tower with manual lifting system

  • Floodlights: 4x160W (standard) or 4x75W (on request)

  • Connectable to electric current or generator up to 6 units

  • 1 single-phase 230V 16A power outlet

  • 1 single-phase 230V 16A plug

  • Trolley with 2 wheels and 2 retractable handles

  • 4 holes for forklift and 4 hooks for lifting

  • Anti-fall safety pin

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Construction site

Easy to transport, the light tower is the ideal solution for night work on construction sites. 
Equipped with EU approved road trailer, it can be towed behind your car or transported on trucks. 
It is recommendedboth for construction sites in remote areas without electricity grid as for city centers where 
public illumination is not sufficient.


Public events and demonstrations find in Italtower light towers a perfect partner thanks to the great versatility of the entire range.
Lighting of huge areas such as concerts and shows is fully satisfied and so is the need of low noise emissions.


Quick to transport and easy to install in application where immediate intervention is required such as first aid. 
The best solution to simplify operations and maintain high safety standards. Thanks to the 360 ​​° rotation the floodlight
is easily and quickly oriented where needed.

Main features

Guide muletto e stabilizzatori torre faro Towerloop

Forklift guides and stabilizers

Towerloop light tower is supplied with galvanized tracks and eyebolts for moving and lifting the tower. These features simplifies a lot the operator's operations, making the tower manageable and easy to use. Moreover Towerloop is supplied with 4 stabilizers which make the tower resistant to strong gusts of wind up to 80 km / h. Once the tower is stabilized, the 360 ​​° rotation of the mast helps the operator to decide easily the direction of lighting.

Fari 4x320W o 4x75W LED Towerloop 

4x160W or 4x75W LED

With 4 320W or 4x75W LED floodlights Towerloop is able to reach an illumination of 2000 square meters. This light tower will be able to satisfy all your needs, perfectly illuminating your workplace.

Prese torre faro Towerloop per collegamento in serie

Series connection

All our Towerloop light towers are supplied with a socket plug kit for connecting several units in series. With this feature the Towerloop model is among the most used  towers by European charterers thanks to cost reductions.

Each line can be made of up to 6 connected Towerloops. This number can be multiplied according to the size of the power supply generator.

Trasporto torre faro Towerloop


Towerloop, thanks to its compact design and low weight, is able to be transported up to 39 units per truck: this will allow you to move it easily and in seconds.

Particularly suitable for short or long term rentals and construction sites.

Data Sheet 



Towerloop, thanks to its special sockets can be connected in series up to 6 units. 7 meters height and 4x160W floodlights will be able to satisfy all your needs, perfectly illuminating your workplace. The 39 units per truck are proof of its compact design and its low weight will allow you to move it easily and in seconds.



Min 930 mm - Max 1800 mm


Min 800 mm - Max 1600 mm


Min 2300 mm - Max 7000 mm


235 Kg


Truck 13.5 m -> 39 units

40 feet container -> 28 units

20 feet container -> 14 units

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