Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)


Engine powered light tower 

Fenix - Engine-powered light tower with 4x320W Multiled floodlights


  • Vertical light tower with manual lifting system

  • Floodlights: 4x320W (standard), 6x320W or 4x160W (on demand)

  • Silenced diesel generator (65 dBA @ 7m)

  • 105 liter tank

  • 120% fuel bunded tank

  • Fuel level indicator

  • Single axle trailer with suspensions

  • On-Off switch for each individual light

  • Large lockable doors suitable for maintenance

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Construction Site

Easy to transport, the light tower is the ideal solution for night work on construction sites. 
Equipped with EU approved road trailer, it can be towed behind your car or transported on trucks. 
It is recommended both for building sites in remote areas without electricity grid and for city centers where 
public illumination is not sufficient.


Public events and demonstrations find in Italtower light towers a perfect partner thanks to the great versatility of the entire range.
Lighting of huge areas such as concerts and shows is fully satisfied and so is the need of low noise emissions.


Quick to transport and easy to install in application where immediate intervention is required such as first aid. 
The best solution to simplify operations and maintain high safety standards. Thanks to the 360 ​​° rotation, the floodlight
is easily and quickly oriented where needed.

Main Features 

Stabilizzatori torre faro / Light tower stabilizers

Stabilizers & tow-bar trailer

One of the strong points of the Fenix ​​model is undoubtedly the retractable rudder, which can be locked in a vertical position (as shown in the image) and therefore facilitate transport or storage of the tower. Fenix ​​is ​​also supplied with 4 stabilizers (2 rear and 2 front).

The amortized axle and the small wheel on the rudder make Fenix ​​unique in its kind, greatly facilitating all the operations of moving the tower.

Thanks to these characteristics, storage, handling and stabilization of the tower are simplified.

Arganello per sollevamento manuale torre faro / Winch for manual lifting of the lighting tower

Manual lifting winch

Our winch allows the manual lifting of the telescopic pole in safety thanks to an iron cable composed of 133 micro anti-torsion cables, improving the strength and capacity of the winch itself. All our winches are tested during the tower test in order to guarantee maximum safety for the final customer. Security is our top priority.

Fari LED 4x320W / 4x320W LED floodlights

4x320W, 6x320W o 4x160W LED 

The Fenix ​​model is equipped with a manual telescopic pole lifting up to 8.5 meters in height and a low consumption generator set capable of 4 powering 320W LED,  6x320W or 4x160W LED floodlights  floodlights which ensure an illuminated area of ​​5000 square meters. It is also equipped with an auxiliary socket to supply power to another light tower or other small tools.

Torre faro best seller / Best seller light tower

Our Best Seller  

Fenix ​​is ​​our best selling light tower due to its flexibility in different applications and environments. 
In fact, it can be used in construction sites where the need to finish projects in a short time is required, even working at night. Fenix ​​can work in extreme weather conditions thanks to its resistance to high / low temperatures, sand and humidity.
Thanks to the great success throughout the middle-east, Fenix ​​model has become 
our landmark from which we started to develop the entire Italtower range.
The picture shows a supply of Fenix ​​metal halide light tower to our distributor based in Kuwait.


Data Sheet


When you need a fast lighting system that is easy and practical to carry, Fenix ​​is ​​what you need. Up to 28 units per container complete with four 320 W, 6x320W or 4x160W LED floodlights, ensure an illuminated area of ​​5000 square meters. The compactness and strength of this tower make it ideal for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions. Appreciated all over the world for its ease of use and its countless qualities. The Fenix ​​light tower is also available with either a liquid-cooled (1500 rpm) or air-cooled (3000 rpm) Kohler and Yanmar engine.





620 Kg


Truck 13.5 m -> 22 units
40 feet container -> 28 units
20 feet container -> 13 units

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