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ZERO emissions 2025

Updated: May 16, 2023

In last few years the ecological topic has become very popular, not only among young people, but also among the older generations, who have begun to realize the importance of this theme. It is an issue that involves everyone because it involves the whole planet.

Lighting towers - the green equipment on the market

Nowadays the focus is on emissions-lowering products, so Italtower has taken this theme to heart.

In order to keep up with the times our company gave birth to various lighting towers, among them: Hybrid, Battery and Solar light towers. Our range of mobile lighting towers is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments to respect the Earth.

Tower is power

As Italians we want to bring forward the quality of made in Italy. Discover our Italian lighting constructions that have the power of the future:

1. Battery powered light towers

Our battery light towers are running only using its internal Battey pack which can be easily recharge through an off grid battery bank, an auxiliary solar panel or a generator.

2. Hybrid light towers

Matching a small engine and a battery pack your light tower will double its running time saving fuel and maintenance costs.

3. Solar powered lighting towers

Our solar-powered light towers have a fully automatic operation and zero local emissions. During daylight hours, solar energy is collected and stored in the batteries. This stand-alone solution is the perfect choice for a wide range of application such as parking lots and events.

Zero emissions

We all know that the issue of pollution is plaguing our planet and hindering its healthy living. In order to reduce the environmental pollution Italtower has come up with the zero-emission light towers, such as the previously mentioned. The zero-emission classification make our lighting towers green, and sustainable. Due to the fact that there isn’t need of fuel it makes our products free of Co2 emissions and free of fuel costs. The reduction of pollution is significant, but so is the reduction of lighting pollution through the use of LED headlights. Finally, Italtower has decided to aim for an entire range of zero emission products by 2025 with the Zero Emission 2025 project. New details soon!


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