Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)

About Us 

Professional lighting


The Italtower Light Towers are designed to be long-lasting and reliable. The main goal for the company is the customer satisfaction through an offer of high quality and reliable products. Italtower invests in R&D by entrusting the development of new products to a competent team to search for more efficient, innovative and quality products.


Italtower has always been investing in R&D to offer innovative products, technologically advanced and affordable for everyone. With a great experience behind, Italtower is a company that always knows how to innovate: the numerous certifications of the Light Towers production prove it.


Production processes, product quality, development of human resources. Thanks to this Elentek has obtained the ISO 9001 certification. Our range perfectly matches the Made in Italy concept, all our products are made in our factory with components of leading Italian and European brands.

Our Vision

Technology and Innovation

Product innovation passes through the use of technologies and materials that guarantees reliability and durability.

Our products are constantly improved, always keeping up to date with the latest technologies and market trends.

Every detail is scrupulously researched to obtain a unique product of its kind, which includes technological know-how, reliability, simplicity of use, safety and originality.


Attention for details, product innovation and the highest quality standards allow us to produce thousands of products exported all over the world. All our products are studied and worked down to the smallest detail within our production facilities. Every single component is worked with care and attention, nothing is left to chance. We are able to offer customized solutions tailored to customer needs thanks to the experience of our staff and maintaining high quality standards that have always distinguished us. Professionalism, short delivery times, efficient after-sales service are our key to success.

Made in Italy

Creativity, design and Italian style are the basis of Italtower product design, a Made In Italy brand today recognized internationally. The main objective of our design studio is the result, designed focusing on the needs of the customer and looking to the future without neglecting the past. The design of our models adapts perfectly to any type of realization, paying attention to keeping product features and strengths unchanged.

How we do

Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)

Internal production 

One of our strengths is our internal production. Thanks to our highly qualified team we are able to satisfy all the customer's needs. Furthermore, the advantage of producing all the components inside of our production departments allows us to customize the products according to the needs and requirements of the  final consumer. In the "how we do" section, you can discover all the production phases of our light towers. 

Fari Multiled torri faro/ LED floodlights light towers

Light Towers 

We have a light tower for all your needs. Our light towers have been designed for any type of application but above all to be able to bring light to every place at any time. They are used for the following fields of use: construction sites, events and shows, industrial applications, road works and construction sites, Civil Protection, rentals. Our range is very varied, we can find solutions for any use and with different technical characteristics that can satisfy the customer requirements. 

Accessori torri faro/Light towers accessorizes


We have all the right accessories for your needs. Our lighting towers are equipped with all the options you need to work in a simple, safe and fast way. Do not hesitate to ask our sales office for more information, we will reply as soon as possible.

Our history

Produzione fari torri faro/Floodlights production light towers

1997 The experience of over thirty years


Michele Borgato began his first activity by designing and assembling the first electronic boards in 1997 in a basement of a showroom in the province of Padua. The experience develops thanks to new adventures in the sector, participating in the development of various businesses that first became a point of reference in Italy and then in Europe.

Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)

2011 Elentek

Cultivating a passion for mechanics as well as electronics, Elentek was born in 2011 thanks to the collaboration of a close-knit staff of just 5 people. Electronic growth continues for Elentek, which develops new projects with foreign and Italian partners, but the union with mechanics and electronics comes soon and Italtower is born.

Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)

2015 Italtower

With the birth of Italtower the team specializes in the construction of light towers for multiple applications. In short, we understand that the Middle East market was looking for qualitative products that would give reliability and durability in difficult conditions of use. My Team understood it immediately, we found the ideal machine and at the same time innovative, FENIX was born. From then on we continued the evolution of the products facing continuous collaborations with new partners throughout Europe and beyond. Now the group has grown a lot but we must continue to work together, because the big challenges are not won alon. 

Produzione torri faro Padova/Production of light towers Padua (Italy)

2019 Innovation 

With the arrival of 2019 the Italtower team launches its first battery light tower range  on the market. A great innovation from the technological and environmental point of view, in fact the absence of the engine guarantees zero consumption and zero CO2 and acoustic emissions. The development of new products is always evolving thanks to the requests of our distributors around the world.


Michele Borgato


Founder, great knowledge of the sector thanks to many years of experience. Always ready for new challenges.

Luca Michelon

Export sales manager

Export sales manager of all Italtower brand products, ready to respond to every customer's requests.

Marco Pescarolo

Italian sales manager 

Italian sales manager of all Italtower brand products, ready to respond to every customer's requests.

30 Motivated people

The strength of our company is our staff. 30 highly qualified and motivated people who by working together manage even the most difficult challenges, because together nothing is impossible.